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Вопросы и задания к зачетам и экзаменам
по курсу «Английский язык»


1 курс
«Business English»

  1. Презентация темы:

а) Marketing,
б) Contract: time of delivery and terms of payment;
в) Contract: guarantees and insurance;
г) Starting business in Russia; д) How to sue, win and execute judgments in Russia;
е) Claims and adjustments;
ж) Corporate social responsibility.

2. Опрос лексики активного словаря.

«General English»
Read, retell and discuss the text:

  1. the topic The Definition of Modern Art. Your Favourite Artist.
  2. the topic At the Picture Gallery.
  3. the topic Modern Literature. The Structure of a Novel. Your Favourite
    Novelist (Novel)
  4. the topic Science and Scientists.
  5. the topic Alfred Nobel. Nobel Prizes.
  6. the topic Tourism as an Industry.
  7. the topic Ecotourism.
  8. the topic Farm Holiday.
  9. the topic Online Travel Companies.
  10. the topic Aristotle  Classification of the  Types of Government.
  11. the topic Aristotle*s Classification of the Types of Government.
  12. the topic Aristotle $ Classification of the Types of Government.
  13. the topic Pre-primary and Primary Education in England.
  14. the topic Secondary Education in England.
  15. the topic Higher Education in England.

2 курс
«Business English»

  1. Презентация темы:

1. Pleasure travel.
2. Resort vacation.
3. Ecotourism.
4. Adventure tourism.
5. Tourism: expectations and reality.
6. New trends in the travel industry.
7. Starting business in Russia.
8. Corporate social responsibility.
9. Agents.
10. Management.

  1. Пересказ отрывка текста по специальности.

«General English»


  1. Participle I.
  2. Participle II.
  3. Infinitive.
  4. Gerund.
  5. Complex Subject.
  6. Conditionals.


  1. Love begins in delight and ends in wisdom.
  2. One coat of white.
  3. Words and feelings.
  4. A book must have a happy ending.
  5. Ernest Hemingway's biography.
  6. He, who hesitates is lost.
  7. Big Business.
  8. A Canary for One.
  9. A book must have a happy ending.
    3 курс

Обсуждение темы:

  1. Economic systems: market economy, command economy, mixed economy.
  2. Supply and demand.
  3. Consumer behaviour and rational choice.
  4. Markets and prices. Types of markets.
  5. Advertising.
  6. A model of the economy.
  7. Perfect competition. Monopoly.
  8. Monopolistic competition. Oligopoly.
  9. Industrial organization and antitrust policy. Antitrust laws.
  10. The tourist industry. Trends in tourism.
  11. Basic definitions in tourism.
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